The new Reference Jubilee turntable connects the best of Clearaudio's past, present, and future. The boomerang shape echos Clearaudio’s Reference turntable from the 1990s. Materials and technologies including Panzerholz, Ceramic magnet bearing (CMB), and Optical speed control (OSC) mirror today's strengths. New motor technology, Professional Power 24v outboard linear power supply, and custom internal tonearm wiring with DIN termination forecasts the future of the brand. The Reference Jubilee’s brand new air-core (non-magnetic) 24-volt DC motor, which runs unbelievably quietly, ensures the listener remains blissfully unaware of the whole process.

The Reference Jubilee turntable comes as a complete system including Universal 9” tonearm with custom internal wire and DIN termination, Professional Power 24v linear outboard power supply, Statement record clamp, and Outer Limit peripheral ring clamp.